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There’s no substitute for taking a course at Aim, but there are plenty of things you can do outside class to accelerate your progress:

1. Bring more English into your life. Instead of reading detik.com, try bbc.com. Instead of Kompas, read The Jakarta Post. For experience of the very best business English in the world, try reading articles in The Economist.

2. Take notes! Keep a notebook with you all the time to record new words, then learn them. You need to repeat new vocabulary many times before it gets fixed in your memory.

3. Hunt down opportunities to speak English.

4. Use the Internet. You’ll find a long list of on-line resources on the Aim website.

5. Make mistakes! Don’t be afraid to try the language. Of course you’ll make mistakes, that’s how you learn. One of our clients, a brilliant scholar with a PhD from an English-speaking university, told us that he always sees an opportunity to learn from the mistakes he makes.

6. Never stop trying to improve. If you do, you’ll slide back.

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