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What’s the first contact that potential customers make with your business? Chances are it’s with a receptionist, either on the phone or in your office. So how well is your receptionist representing your company?

Think of your receptionists as your managers of first (and last) impressions. You rely on them to set the initial tone for the whole business, meaning that they have the power to make or break deals, and determine if your clients walk away happy or not. So, pick your receptionists wisely, train them well, and treat them with the respect they deserve. They should be considered to be among your company’s most important marketing assets

In today’s economy, people are more likely to shop around, so you need to hire receptionists who can really sell your products. This means doing much more than just handing out leaflets and price lists. Are your receptionists trained to convey your company’s unique benefits clearly and persuasively?

A great receptionist is able to ‘smile over the phone’, handle 5 tasks at the same time, work under extreme pressure, and yet still remain calm while professionally representing your business. Not easy. Call Aim now to arrange a free English language audit for your company (including assessing the English of your receptionists), and see how well our font-line people deal with you!

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