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IELTS preparation 50-hours course

Aim’s 50-hour IELTS preparation course will leave you better prepared and more confident in the IELTS test than any other preparation program. Aim offers teachers with extensive experience of successfully preparing students for IELTS, custom designed courses and all the support people and facilities you could wish for  – the ingredients you need to succeed in the IELTS test.

IELTS preparation courses are available for both the General Training IELTS test and the Academic IELTS test.

Comprehensive tips, strategies, language development and practice for:

  • The IELTS Listening test
  • The IELTS Reading test
  • The IELTS Writing test
  • The IELTS Speaking test

Need IELTS? Be prepared at Aim

Come for your free IELTS placement test and we’ll be able to tell you if you are ready for our intensive course. But be aware that this course is not easy! Get ready for a lot of hard work if you’re serious about getting the IELTS band score you need.

Also available at Aim: IELTS practice tests. Test practice is an important part of preparing to take IELTS, so why not take one of Aim’s IELTS practice tests for a fraction of the cost of the real thing?

Call, email, or drop in at Aim for more information on Jakarta’s most effective, comprehensive IELTS test preparation courses. Aim’s 50-hour IELTS preparation coursebook forms the core of your course. Designed by Aim to suit Indonesian language learners, and constantly updated and adapted to further increase its effectiveness.

The book includes everything you need to know about the test, and develops your grammar and vocabulary along the way. There are also plenty of practice opportunities for you to do in class or at home.

Coupled with Aim’s collection of IELTS videos, MP3s and Interactive programs, an IELTS preparation course at Aim is the complete package you need to succeed.

Aim for IELTS preparation. Your ticket to a world of study opportunities.

IELTS preparation 50-hours course Info

  • Course Name
    Public IELTS Prep

    Rp 3,000,000

  • Duration
    50 hours

    Max Students

  • Schedule
    3 evenings per week

    Native & non-native

“…. the English course material was very related to our specific day-to-day business activities….. the class was very vivid with good interaction between the excellent native English speakers and the trainees….. regular testing was a good way to evaluate the training and get measurable results…”

Antonius Guntoro , PT Detpak Indonesia

I took a short private course at Aim to help me prepare for the IELTS test. The teachers are great, the course was made just for me, and the schedule was up to me. I got the IELTS score I needed, and now I’m working in the UK. Thanks Aim!


Aim’s 50-hour public IELTS preparation course was hard work, but fun at the same time. I learned all the tips i needed for IELTS, did lots of practice IELTS tests, and eventually received a score of 7. Thanks Aim!

Tomi , University of Sydney

Thank you to Aim! After my TOEFL iBT short course i was able to finally beat the TOEFL test, and now I’m studying the States. Thanks to all my great teachers!

M. Faisal , New York

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