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Practice IELTS tests

For Jakarta’s official IELTS centres, try www.ielts.org
For those interested in a little practice and preparation before the real test, read on…

  • Are you thinking of taking the IELTS test but want to know if you have a good chance?
  • Do you need to know which part of the IELTS test you should focus your preparation efforts on?
  • Are you an employer who needs a standardised English language testing system for your staff?

Aim for English offers you a cost-effective, professional practice IELTS test for a fraction of the cost of a real IELTS test.
For only  Rp 450,000 you will get:

  • Full listening test (4 sections – around 30 minutes in total).
  • Full reading test (3 sections – 1 hour in total).
  • Full writing test (2 sections – 1 hour in total).
  • Full speaking test (3 sections – 15 minutes in total).

You’ll also get:

  • A consultation with your examiner about your practice IELTS test results, including suggestions for improvement before the real IELTS test.
  • A full AIM test report: Same day results for your practice test!

Please note that this is not a real IELTS test, and AIM is is no way affiliated with the IELTS organisation. Our practice test is intended for those who need a little practice before the real test, or would like to know where their problem areas are.

Note that you may take the test at any time and on any day, but the full test takes around 4 hours from start to finish, including the post-test consultation with your examiner.

CLICK HERE for information on Jakarta’s most effective 50-hour IELTS preparation course at Aim for English

Practice IELTS tests Info

  • Course Name
    Practice IELTS test

    Rp. 550,000 / person

  • Duration
    3 hours & consultation

    Max Students

  • Schedule
    Flexible. You decide

    Native examiners

“…. the English course material was very related to our specific day-to-day business activities….. the class was very vivid with good interaction between the excellent native English speakers and the trainees….. regular testing was a good way to evaluate the training and get measurable results…”

Antonius Guntoro , PT Detpak Indonesia

I took a short private course at Aim to help me prepare for the IELTS test. The teachers are great, the course was made just for me, and the schedule was up to me. I got the IELTS score I needed, and now I’m working in the UK. Thanks Aim!


Aim’s 50-hour public IELTS preparation course was hard work, but fun at the same time. I learned all the tips i needed for IELTS, did lots of practice IELTS tests, and eventually received a score of 7. Thanks Aim!

Tomi , University of Sydney

Thank you to Aim! After my TOEFL iBT short course i was able to finally beat the TOEFL test, and now I’m studying the States. Thanks to all my great teachers!

M. Faisal , New York

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