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Private Classes

  • Looking for one-on-one tuition?

  • Looking for something a little more exclusive?

  • Perhaps you have very specific requirements?

  • AIM for a private class

Aim will custom-design a package especially for you. Call, email or Yahoo! messenger us now to arrange your in-depth consultation, free placement test and ‘needs analysis’
Enjoy all  AIM’s unique benefits, plus:

  • You decide your own schedule. We fit our teaching around your available time
  • Your course will be designed to fit your personal needs and level of English perfectly.
  • You decide what you learn. You won’t waste time learning something that you don’t need to know.
  • You decide the location. We’ll sit in traffic jams so you don’t have to! Classes at Aim, at your home, or at your office.
  • You meet your teachers before you begin. It’s important to us that you like your teachers!
  • You get more individual attention. Some learners benefit from one-on-one tuition.
  • You can reschedule your class up to 24 hours before it begins. Useful when those unexpected meetings or trips out of Jakarta happen.
  • You can take custom-designed examinations. If you would like, we can design examinations specifically for your program.

A ‘Private Class’ consists of just you, or you and up to 3 friends or colleagues and the teacher. Call, email or chat with us on Yahoo! Messenger now to discuss your options and get a quote.

Private classes at Aim. Flexible, exclusive, fun.

“…. the English course material was very related to our specific day-to-day business activities….. the class was very vivid with good interaction between the excellent native English speakers and the trainees….. regular testing was a good way to evaluate the training and get measurable results…”

Antonius Guntoro , PT Detpak Indonesia

I took a short private course at Aim to help me prepare for the IELTS test. The teachers are great, the course was made just for me, and the schedule was up to me. I got the IELTS score I needed, and now I’m working in the UK. Thanks Aim!


Aim’s 50-hour public IELTS preparation course was hard work, but fun at the same time. I learned all the tips i needed for IELTS, did lots of practice IELTS tests, and eventually received a score of 7. Thanks Aim!

Tomi , University of Sydney

Thank you to Aim! After my TOEFL iBT short course i was able to finally beat the TOEFL test, and now I’m studying the States. Thanks to all my great teachers!

M. Faisal , New York

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